Today's story around food and farming is a story that is personal to me. Growing up on a farm, I saw the sacrifice, required work and commitment firsthand. 


Much of today's society is far removed from food production and misinformation continues to negatively impact families like mine. So many are getting the story wrong. I get it. As a Mom, we want the very best for our children and loved ones. The conversation around food production is an important and complex one. 

Today's farm families are doing more with fewer resources----benefits that are passed on to the consumer, land and animals. It is a lifestyle that farm families choose and a legacy passed down from one generation to another. I have a sincere interest in creating dialogue on how our food is produced and reassure others that they should find comfort in the process from farm to plate. 

Aside from education, I enjoy sharing heartfelt, inspirational messages around food, farming and family.