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Category:1961 births Category:Living people Category:American surgeons Category:University of Texas alumni Category:American people of Sri Lankan descent Category:American people of Tamil descent Category:American Hindus Category:American University alumni Category:American University faculty and staff Category:American male writers of Indian descent Category:People from Colombo Category:Cricket scorersBy Melanie Nathan (This is a slightly edited, condensed, and updated version of the essay I wrote for the Foundation of the American College of Surgeons Fellowship in Trauma Surgery blog last week. It was originally posted in the blog at Last week, I was fortunate enough to hear a beautiful story of family courage and dedication to care. It was one of those stories that you hear, and then you are struck with a deep gratitude for the support you have in your life, and the love you feel for those around you. In a moment of clarity, I recognized myself in the family, as well as others I know well. And although this example may seem specific to one family, in reality, this is a story you’re likely to hear time and time again. In fact, stories of the strong devotion of family members to each other are the norm, not the exception. We recently had the opportunity to speak with survivors of the bombing of the Asiana Airlines Flight 214, which left nearly three hundred passengers injured and killed two people. The conversation took place as Dr. Peter Kovac of the National Center for the Medical Assessment of Disaster Incidents was interviewing the victims about their perceptions of their injuries, their care, and their care team. Their feelings were incredibly raw. Yet, as expected, the remarkable one-on-one nature of the conversations that unfolded on the day of the interview were revealing. Dr. Kovac witnessed a personal story of a father and son who both lost their legs, and a mother and daughter who were both survivors of the loss of a leg. These accounts of remarkable strength and generosity were just as valuable to the team as any other, yet it was an amazing privilege for Dr. Kovac to witness them in the room with each other. What was even more meaningful was that these families each had access to a team of exceptionally talented people. In addition to Dr. Kovac, the interview team included Dr. Laura McDonough and Dr.


prof exam suite 3.1 crackgolkes

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Prof Exam Suite 3.1 Crackgolkes

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